Mintendo Power


When I was a kid, my mother took me to Barnes&Nobles for the advent of reading. Every time, I would head straight to the magazine section to read through the latest month’s “Nintendo Power”. I read about games and consoles I could not afford, but still gained enjoyment by seeing retro style video game graphics and funky graphic design choices.

Mintendo Power is a broadsheet sized retro print and web publication recontextualized with modern gaming articles.  “Nintendo Power” no longer exists, so I wanted to pay homage to a piece of graphic design that I still cherish by bringing it back and taking my own spin on it with modern gaming articles and aesthetics, while borrowing from the language of the magazine.


I chose to use elements like 3d text and elements. My grid is based on a video game console controller, and thus my spreads have a symmetrical composition. I also took elements like broken up text and gradients to call back to the original “Nintendo Power” magazine.