Hack@Brown is a yearly hackathon that encourages creativity and collaboration instead of a competitive coding competition. Hackers during the hackathon always surprise me in what they make, from machine learning wikipedia poems, to made-from-scratch record players.

Every year, we redesign the whole brand of the Hack@Brown .This year, I along with my co lead Lulian Ahn, lead a team of 7 people to design the overall look and feel of the Hackathon. The theme we chose this year was “Garage” to acknowledge the Silicon Valley myth of starting in a garage. This project was designed with Lulian Ahn, Soeun Yoon, Samaaya Jamayaha, David Charlatan, Mirando Mo, and Christine Wang


The first steps were to understand and collaborate on what type of assets we wanted built. We drew up and talked about what a “Garage” meant to us and implemented different ideas from these beginning sketches. We chose our typeface, Covik Sans based upon its countershapes. Our colors were based upon the “Garage” myth so we chose retro inspired, yet still contemporary feeling colors.



Making a website is not easy, it was a constant back and forth between a development team and our design team from the very beginning. We used Figma for collaborative design, and held meetings together with dev to pull together a website. Alot of compromises between design and dev had to be made, and it was a continuous collaborative effort between designers and non designers. Below are examples of that conversation.