Anti_Artspeak is a public service brand that talks about “artspeak”; the specific type of coded jargon that becomes inaccessible for those not in the art world.

Anti_artspeak aims to combat this language and calls for artists, curators, and writers to reevaluate how they write. Art is beautiful and poignant, and the understanding of art should not just belong to the elites.


The main struggle with the brand was accessibility. I was thinking about what it meant for a brand to be accessible from the inside and the out. The style guide was printed on a postcard to be easily sent out to other designers (as a call to action). The whole of the brand became only two typefaces and a line. I tried to make the brand as simple, yet sophisticated as possible.


I also created a tile-able manifesto that works as a print piece and a poster, that when tiled together comes together as a statement. I chose a standard 8.5x11 size paper on black and white so most people could print and put up the poster.




I also mocked up a chrome extension that looks for any checks for artspeaky words. It could be used to rewrite, or analyze certain passages of text.